Youth & Teen Lincolnwood Librarians’ Choice Awards

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year when book awards and best book lists are released to much fanfare and excitement. Throughout the year we read voraciously to discover incredible books and share them with young people and their caregivers. We seek out those best lists to ensure we haven’t missed an excellent book to add to our collection and of course, see if our predictions were correct. This year we created our own “Lincolnwood Librarians’ Choice Awards” where we curated a list of the best children’s and teen books of 2018. On Wednesday, December 5, we shared this list with the community by book talking some of our favorites from our list, sharing read aloud recommendations, and giving away free books and audiobooks because book access is essential.

You can access our entire Best Books List by downloading the pdf here. You can also stop by the library for a full color copy of our handout.

Please be aware that our list is not the definitive list of children’s and teen books published in 2018. We are sharing some of our favorite books that we’ve enjoyed, shared with young people, and believe would be perfect additions to your home, school, or classroom library. They make excellent gifts, too. We also offer personalized recommendations to help young people find the books that are best for them. Just call us or stop by the library.

Here are some of our librarians’ favorite books from 2018!







Emily’s Pick

Buddy and Earl Meet the Neighbors by Maureen Fergus.Illustrated by Carey Sookocheff.

Miss Dannie & Miss Emily’s favorite picture book series returns with some new friends next door – and if you know anything about Buddy the dog and Earl the hedgehog, you know meeting the neighbors won’t be simple!

Eti’s Pick

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Traci Sorell. Illustrated by Frané Lessac. Journey through the year with a contemporary Cherokee family and their tribal nation to understand the meaning of we are grateful, in Cherokee, Otsaliheliga.

Kevin’s Pick

The House that Lou Built by Mae Respicito. Lou attempts to build a “tiny house” as an escape from her extended Filipino family that all lives under the same roof. When the process becomes more difficult that she could have initially imagined, she learns what it means to have a home.

Dannie’s Pick

Children of Blood and Bone by Toni Adeyemi. Zélie Adebola is on a mission to restore magic to her village, inspired by the Nigerian-American author’s roots. Part fantasy, part folklore, and part family history, this book is engaging and has many different themes relating to race, power, history, and how they intersect, but is written in a way that is accessible to any teen.

Sue’s Pick

Spooked! How a Radio Broadcast and The War of the Worlds Sparked the 1938 Invasion of America by Gail Jarrow. The riveting story behind the 1938 The War of the Worlds broadcast that shocked listeners. An excellent resource to support media literacy.

Rich’s Pick

Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh. A lonely American boy living in Brussels secretly shelters an orphaned 14-year-old Syrian refugee in this gripping story of friendship and resilience.


What were some of your favorite books from 2018?