World Water Day

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Since 1993, the United Nations has recognized March 22 as World Water Day to raise awareness about water-related issues worldwide. The theme for this year’s observation, “Water and Jobs,” highlights the labor needed to ensure clean water, as well as water-dependent industries like agriculture, fishing, and forestry.

Water has been in the news lately here in our own country, but it’s a constant concern for international entities like the World Health Organization and charity: water.

On this World Water Day, explore the following library materials and resources:

  • The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi (2015) is a dystopian novel set in the American Southwest, imagining a future in which water must be “cut” illegally from top secret sources.
  • Learn the science behind this science fictional future from Your Water Footprint by Stephen Leahy (2014), which uses an abundance of graphics and charts to illustrate the water used to make ordinary products. (Did you know that producing two pounds of beef requires 4,068 gallons of water—almost 1.5 times the volume of a concrete mixer truck?) [1]
  • Flow and Blue Gold are both documentary films from 2008 that chronicle the water crisis around the world. A third documentary, Water Wars, is available via hoopla digital. Narrated by Martin Sheen, it focuses on drought and flood cycles in Bangladesh.
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica’s “water” article is an excellent overview of the element’s chemical structures and physical properties, as well as the hydrologic cycle. The children’s article provides just enough information to get kids thinking about what flows out of their faucets every day. (Note: you must log in to Encyclopedia Britannica using your Lincolnwood library card to view the articles.)
  • A search for “water” in the library’s Explora resource turns up thousands of articles from scientific journals and magazines, as well as over 100 Associated Press news videos, including a recent campaign appearance by Hillary Clinton advocating for clean water in response to the crisis in Michigan.
  • Finally, for a peaceful soundtrack to your World Water Day reading and research, download the Nature Sounds “Ocean Waves” music collection from hoopla digital.
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[1] Your Water Footprint by Stephen Leahy (Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2014), p. 77