Missed Storytime this week? Check out these activities for Stars/Fireworks!

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Take a look at our activitiy sheet in celebration of the 4th of July with activities, songs, and crafts dealing with Stars and Fireworks. We also have lots of new programs beginning this month, so if you would like to be in the know, make sure to subscribe to our Early Literacy e-mail list!

“The Moon is Round: A Bath Time or Diaper Changing Rhyme” 

Tip: this is a great bath time or diaper changing rhyme. It is great for learning body parts as well as creating bonding moments.

-You can use a washcloth to add sensory elements to this rhyme as well. 

The moon is round (use washcloth or hand)
As Round as can be
With two eyes, a nose, and a mouth like me

You can add in other body parts if you’d like


Missed Storytime this week? Check out these activities and tips about Picnics

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With the official start of summer, check out these activities, rhymes, and fingerprint ant activities! Also, check out our videos and Early Literacy tips so you can continue the Storytime fun at home!

Tip: This rhyme can help babies feel the rhythm of the words, which in turn will help them learn to make words on their own. Rhythm, words, and literacy go hand in hand, which is why we incorporate different music and songs into every storytime. 

“A Rough Road”

A smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road

A bumpy road, a bumpy road, a bumpy road

A rough road, a rough road, a rough road

A hole!!!

Repeat 2X