Spring Break Staycation Kit

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Our Youth & Teen librarians have created a special Staycation Kit which includes yarn, DIY Tic Tac Toe, DIY puzzle, a Take a Break with a Book list for the whole family, books, and more to help you spend time with family and create new, special memories together.  You can also request DVD and book bundles to help with your spring break entertainment.

Lincolnwood residents can sign up for a Staycation Kit (pictured above). Fill out this form to request a kit – while supplies last. One kit per family, please.

The Lincolnwood Public Library is brimming with resources to help our community celebrate traditions, create memories, learn new skills, express gratitude, and spend time with family. Here are a few ideas compiled by our librarians to help everyone enjoy time together!

Finger Knitting Kit 

Artists and crafters of all skill levels can find thousands of classes on CreativeBug. To access CreativeBug on our library’s website, go to Research & Learning, select Quick Links, then CreativeBug and log in with your library card. You can access the Finger Knitting class here. Use the yarn we’ve provided to make something fun! 

DIY Tic Tac Toe 

Cut two long strips and two shorter ones from your scrap fabric to use as the lines on your tic-tac-toe ‘board.’
Glue down strips of fabric in the shape of the # sign.
Decorate your game pieces with either the traditional ‘x’s and ‘o’s or something more creative.
You’ll need five of each design.
Introduce your child(ren) to the simple rules of the game and then you’re ready to play!
If you used a fabric bag as your ‘board,’ when you’re done playing, you can store the game pieces inside for easy clean-up.


You can create special family time by working together to color your own puzzle in the style of your choice. Feel free to share pictures of your finished products with us!

Host a Movie Night

Use our Movie Night Guide to plan a memorable movie night at home. Check out our suggestions of movies that can be fun for the whole family to watch together.


There’s nothing like a good book to enjoy inside while it’s cold outside – or to bring outside with you while spring begins. Our librarians have curated this Take a Break with a Book Booklist to offer suggestions for exploring places, experiences, and stories all from the comfort of home. This is just a list to get started. You can put these books on hold here. You can also always call or email our librarians to get personalized recommendations just for you or submit a Book Bundle request form at https://lincolnwoodlibrary.org/books-movies-more/what-do-i-read-next. We have included two FREE books you can read and keep.

Ty’s Travels: All Aboard! by Kelly Starling Lyons, Illustrated by Nina Mata

Ty’s Travels: All Aboard! is a fantastic read aloud for families – and a marvelous first independent read for beginning readers. Use the activity sheets in the Kit to continue sharing Ty’s world. You can access more resources here. Explore the power of imagination together by creating your own cardboard train and setting off on incredible adventures together. You can even upcycle the Staycation Kit box! 

Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed, Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

This book is an enjoyable read aloud for all ages, capturing the joy of winter in its poetic prose. Work together to create a collaborative piece (ex: poem, comic, drawings) about twelve kinds of a natural feature, object, person or experience. Use this book as a mentor text to write or talk about a family memory of winter or spring. 

The library has many activities to explore on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, including storytimes, youth activities and crafts, author visits, program recordings, technology tutorials, book talks, and much more. There’s truly something for everybody!

Which activities are you excited to do over spring break? Feel free to share your suggestions with us!


We are eager to get feedback from our community about our Grab & Go Kits. We rely on your input to help us develop future kits. Tell us what you and your kids think by competing our quick feedback form & you’ll be entered into a gift card raffle! You can access it at www.tinyurl.com/LNK-KitFeedback.