XLR Microphone

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Check out this AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001 XLR microphone to use with the H5 Handy Recorder, our XLR microphone cables, or any other compatible audio device.

Use this with our H5 Handy Recorder or our XLR microphone cables to have a high-quality audio recording or amplification setup.

This AmazonBasics dynamic cardioid microphone includes a wind a pop-filter to be great for musical performances, public speaking, and recording sessions like podcasting.

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Features and Instructions


– Dynamic cardioid microphone

– Single pickup pattern (cardioid) for simple use

– Built-in spherical wind and pop filter to separate background noise for clear sound


Plug an XLR cable (your own or the Library’s XLR microphone cables) into the bottom of this XLR microphone. Note the pins on both that you have to align. A latch clicks into place when the cable is inserted fully.

Plug the XLR microphone/cable combination into a compatible speaker (for live performances) or audio recording hardware like the Library H5 Handy Recorder.

Make sure your speakers are on and speak/sing/talk/play an instrument.

Or make sure your recording device and/or software are ready and put them into their recording modes and then speak/sing/talk/play an instrument.

Turn off your speaker or recording system.

Unplug your XLR cable by pressing the latch tab and gently pulling the cable out.

More help

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