Paper ShredderYou can use the Library shredder by our printing, copying, and faxing station in-house, or you can take this one home.

This AmazonBasics cross-cut paper shredder can destroy 8 sheets of paper at a time and one credit card at a time using its dedicated middle slot.

Remove any staples, paper clips, and/or binder clips before beginning shredding. You may also want to take breaks to prevent the unit from overheating.

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Take the shredder out of its Library supplied case.

Make sure the catching can is properly inserted. The unit won’t shred any papers or credit cards if the catching can isn’t in place, flush against the top of the shredder.

Plug the shredder into power.

Use the power switch to choose from AUTO, OFF, REVERSE, and FORWARD. Use FORWARD to shred papers into the catching can. Use REVERSE to help clear any jams.

Insert up to 8 sheets of paper and wait for it to shred. Or insert only one credit card at a time into the center slot.

Empty the unit into your garbage or recycling when the shreds near the top of the catching can.


If you are having trouble with the Lincolnwood Library shredder, you can try:
-Checking the indicator light to see if the shredder is actually receiving power or if it has overheated.
-The unit may overheat if it has shredded continuously for 3 minutes. It may require up to 30 minutes of rest time to recover from this type of overheating.
-It may also not shred papers if the catcher is full. Empty it out and try again. Make sure the catcher is properly inserted.
-Paper that is heavier than 20-pound stock may not work.
-Staples and/or small paper clips may work, but can cause problems.

More Help

Need more help using our AmazonBasics Shredder? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email