Sega Genesis Mini

Sega Genesis Mini consoleGo down retro video game memory lane without the hassle of tracking down one of these hard-to-find limited edition consoles by checking out the Library Sega Genesis Mini MK-16000.

It has 42 games like Mega Man, Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more pre-installed (see all below). Our kit comes with everything you need including two controllers, and power and HDMI cables.

This device does not need an Internet connection and require updates. You don’t have to insert or swap in and out cartridges. It only requires you to have a TV with HDMI input and to have fun!

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Set up

  1. Place the Sega Genesis Mini near the screen you want to connect it to.
  2. Plug the included HDMI cable into the back of the device, and plug the other end of it into your screen.
  3. Plug in the included Micro-USB cable into the back of the device, and plug the other end of it into the included USB power block.
  4. Plug the power block into a power outlet.
  5. Plug in at least one of the included 2 USB controllers into either USB-A plug on the front of the device.
  6. Turn on the screen and make sure to select the proper input you plugged the HDMI cable into.
  7. Power on the Sega Genesis Mini by switching the toggle to ON.

Turn on

Slide the toggle to the ON position.

Playing a game

  1. Use the ▲▼◄►arrows to select from any of the included 42 games.
  2. Press A to select and open a game.

The menus and controls for each game differ. You may have to press A or Start to start your game, or select options using the ▲▼◄► arrows, including one- and/or two-player game options.

Saving a game

Press and hold the Start button to bring up the ability to save a game to return to later.

Pause a game

Press the Start button to pause a game in the games that allow this function. In two-player games, this may only pause one of the players.

Exit a game

To go back or exit a game, use the Reset button.

Turn off

Switch the toggle to the OFF position.

You can also unplug the power cord, but using the toggle is recommended.

About the Sega Genesis Mini

-The controller is largely the same as the original Sega Genesis controller.
-The volume slider on the Sega Genesis is a non-functional decoration. Use the standard controls for your screen to adjust volume.
-The slot for inserting a game cartridge is a non-functional decoration.
-A plastic piece on the bottom is also decorative, do not remove it.
-The console advertises “high definition graphics” but each game maintains the 16-bit art styles from their original releases.

-See more about the Sega Genesis Mini, high-resolution pictures of the covers of each included game, and more on Sega’s Genesis Mini website.


The following games are included on the Sega Genesis Mini:
-Alex Kidd
-Alisia Dragoon
-Altered Beast
-Beyond Oasis
-Castle of Illusion
-Castlevania: Bloodlines
-Comix Zone
-Contra: Hard Corps
-Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
-Dynamite Headdy
-Earthworm Jim
-Ecco the Dolphin
-Eternal Champions
-Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
-Golden Axe
-Gunstar Heroes
-Kid Chameleon
-Light Crusader
-Mega Man: The Wily Wars
-Monster World IV
-Phantasy Star IV
-Road Rash II
-Shining Force
-Shinobi III
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
-Sonic Spinball
-Space Harrier 2
-Street Fighter 2
-Streets of Rage 2
-Super Fantasy Zone
-Thunder Force III
-Toe Jam & Earl
-Virtua Fighter 2
-Wonderboy in Monster World
-World of Illusion

If you need help with individual games, you can see their manuals on Sega’s website.

(Some of the manuals refer to cartridges and the old version of the Sega Genesis controller, but their advice should still work.)

More Help

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