Roku Express+ Streaming Media Device

Roku devices are preloaded with streaming movies and TV shows through channel apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, or Kanopy.

Compatibility & Usage | Channels  | Setup Instructions | More Help

Compatibility & Usage

  • You must have WiFi in your home.
  • You must have a TV with an HDMI input or a composite input.
  • Replacement Costs: Power Adapter – $10, Remote – $15, HDMI Cable – $5, Roku – $35, Composite AV Cable – $10


    • Netflix, Hulu (only on Roku: Netflix/Hulu), HBO NOW (only on Roku: Netflix/HBO) Vudu, Crackle, YouTube, TED, CBS News, NBC News, Vevo, Fox News, Smithsonian Channel, All Fitness TV, PBS, PBS Kids
  • The library subscribes to the above channels.  Please do not log out of them.
    • Hoopla, Kanopy
  • You must have Hoopla and Kanopy accounts to use these channels. For information on how to create these accounts using  your library card, see our Digital Movies & Music page.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Connect to your TV

Use the included High Speed HDMI Cable to connect the Roku to your TV.


For TVs that don’t have an HDMI connector, use the included composite cable. Note: Streaming will be in standard definition.

Step 2: Connect to Power

For the best streaming experience, use the included USB power cable and power adapter to connect the Roku to a wall outlet.


Use the included USB power cable to connect to the USB port on your TV. Note: Not all TV USB ports provide enough power.

Step 3: Position Roku Streaming Player

Place the Roku near your TV.

DO make sure that the front of the Roku has direct line of sight with your remote control.

DO NOT place the Roku behind your TV.

DO NOT place inside a TV cabinet. Doing so may cause overheating.

Step 4: Power on TV and select Input

Use your TV remote to power on your TV and select the input you used to connect the Roku.

Select AV for composite cable. Select HDMI for HDMI connection.

Step 5: Connect to WiFi

Choose your wireless network from the list of available networks and enter your password.

Once you have entered your password and selected Connect the Roku will automatically connect to the Internet.

Accessing Vudu Content

Step 1: Open the Vudu app on the Roku.
Step 2: Select the MyVudu tab.
Step 3: Select the Movies or TV tab to access the library’s free collection of free titles.
Step 4: Using the arrows on the remote, select the title you want to watch and hit OK.
Step 5: Select Watch.

More Help

Have more questions about the Roku?  Contact the Information Services Reference Desk at 224-233-1841 or .