PS4 Dualshock controller

If you’re hosting friends for video gaming and need an extra controller, you can check one out from the Library. This Sony Playstation Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller connects to your compatible system without any cables so you can freely play games. It is compatible with Playstation 4 consoles, some specific Playstation 5 games, and may be compatible with other mobile devices.

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– Wireless control over Bluetooth

– Multi touch clickable touch pad

– Dual analog sticks

– Speaker built in

– Headphone jack built in for private audio

– Buttons: Front: D-pad left, right, up, down; X, O, □, ▲; Share; Options; Playstation; Rear: L1, L2, R1, R2


The Library Dualshock controller has batteries installed, Make sure to charge the controller with the included Micro-USB cable before you want to play.

Turn on your Playstation 4 or 5 console.

Plug the smaller end of the included Micro-USB cable into the Dualshock controller and the larger end into your console.

While connected like this, press the Playstation (PS) button on the controller.

A beep from the controller and its light changing from orange to white indicates the pairing process is ongoing.

The light bar on the controller should turn blue when properly paired.

Once the controller is paired, you can remove the Micro-USB cable from the controller and the Playstation and use the controller wirelessly.

Remove the Micro-USB cable both from the Dualshock controller and the Playstation console and put it back in the case.

The controller is connected and you can start playing your games.

More Help

Need more help using one of our PS4 Dualshock controller? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email