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Are you looking to have a movie night outside? Or do you need to display a presentation in front of a group?

If you have your own projector or if you checked out the Library’s Apeman LC350 Digital Projector, you can check out this GO-80 Portable Projector Screen to go along with it.

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– Contents: screen, tripod stand, mounting hub, 4 support arms, case, instructions

– The tripod and screen can be used anywhere, but the Library Apeman LC350 Digital Projector is best used in environments with fairly low lighting.

– The screen is 80 inches wide. Adjust where a projector is placed in front of it and the angle it points at to fill as much of the screen as possible.



Make sure you’re in a reasonably flat area, especially if you’re outside.

Unzip the case and take out the tripod base. Pull the legs out and downward until the tripod hub rests on the stopper.

Place the tripod with two legs nearer to where you’ll watch.


Insert the four support rods into the mounting hub with their pegs facing forward. Take the screen out from its cylindrical case.

Place the screen holes on two of the rod pegs, unroll the screen, and place the screen holes through the other two rod pegs. You can slightly adjust the angle of the rod pegs to slightly loosen or tighten the fit.

Adjust the height of the screen by pulling the latch open behind the screen near the rod hub. Then raise or lower the screen to the height you want. Close the latch at your desired height.

Aim your projector at the screen and enjoy your content.

Here are instructions for the Apeman LC-350 Digital Projectors.

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Need more help using one of our GO-80 Portable Projector Screen? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email