Portable CD Players

Listen to your music CD collection on the go or listen to audiobook CDs from the Library with our two GPX PC301B Portable CD players.

3.5mm standard analog headphones not included. AA batteries included, but you may need to replace them.

We also have CD/DVD drives which can plug into computers. This device only plays audio on inserted discs.

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This GPX PC301B Portable CD player:

  • Can play CD/CD-R/RW discs
  • Rotary volume control
  • Stereo 3.5mm circular analog headphone jack



Load the bottom tray with two AA batteries.

Or plug in the included DC power cable into the circular plug and a power outlet.

Open, load, and play controls

Press the OPEN button to open the CD tray.

Load a disc into the player with its label side up. (For home made discs, use the side that has the logo of the disc manufacturer and/or lines for writing disc titles with permanent markers.)

The see-through piece of plastic that shows the CD spinning prevents discs from skipping by stopping them from playing if the CD player is hit. Make sure the see-through piece of plastic is pushed up to be flush with the outside of the top of the case.

Close the CD tray until it makes a nice click.

Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to begin playing your CD

Press PLAY/PAUSE more times to pause and play your CD.

Press STOP/OFF to entirely stop a CD that is playing.

|<< and >>| skip between tracks to go back to a previous track and forward to subsequent tracks. Press repeatedly to skip through multiple tracks.


If you are having trouble with the Lincolnwood Library Portable CD player, you can try:
-Try adjusting the volume to make sure the CD player wasn’t accidentally muted.
-Try replacing the two AA batteries if the CD player doesn’t respond.
-You can use the unit without two AA batteries with its included power cable.
-Make sure any CDs are fully inserted with the top facing up.

More Help

Need more help using our Portable CD players? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email asd@lincolnwoodlibrary.org.