Joy-cons (Nintendo Switch controllers)

Add additional controllers to a Nintendo Switch you or the one you can check out from the Library for multiplayer games!

This one (1) set of two (2) Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers comes with left (red) and right (blue) controllers, wrist straps, and everything you need to keep these devices powered so your fun doesn’t have to stop.

Nintendo Switch is known for child friendly games, but also has games for teens and adults. It has many exclusive titles from franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon. Let us know if we’re missing a game you’d like to check out by filling out our request to purchase form.

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-Charge with the included charging dock or by plugging into a Nintendo Switch console.
-Use with any standard Nintendo Switch Joy-con accessories.
-Connects to the console over Bluetooth

Left controller

L (top left shoulder button)
LZ (lower left shoulder button)
⯇ directional pad (d-pad) button
⯈ directional pad (d-pad) button
⯅ directional pad (d-pad) button
⯆ directional pad (d-pad) button
Left analog joystick (clickable)
Minus button
SL button (only accessible when not connected to a Switch)
SR button (only accessible when not connected to a Switch)
Release button – for detaching
Sync button

Right controller

R (top right shoulder button)
RZ (lower right shoulder button)
A button
B button
X button
Y button
Home button
Plus button
SL button (only accessible when not connected to a Switch)
SR button (only accessible when not connected to a Switch)
Right analog joystick (clickable)
Release button – for detaching
Sync button



You may need to charge the Library Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers when you first check it out. Use the included USB-C power adapter and charging dock to charge them, or connect the controllers to a Nintendo Switch console that is powered on.

Connect controllers

Pairing using the rails on the side of the screen

Slide the Joy-cons into the side rails of the Switch to easily pair them for use.

Wirelessly pair

From the Switch home screen, open the Controllers menu.

Select Change Grip/Order.

On the Grip/Order screen, pick up the Joy-con(s) and hold the small black circle SYNC button on the side between the SL and SR buttons.

The Joy-con controllers should automatically pair with the Switch and display on the Grip/Order screen if you need to customize them.

Using the Joy-cons

The included red and blue Joy-cons can be connected to the Switch itself, to the wrist straps, or the to Joy-con controller grip.

They can also be used wirelessly without being connected to any accessories at all.

To insert them, simply slide them down on accessory rails until they firmly click.

Remove Joy-cons from accessories

To remove the Joy-cons from being attached to any accessories to change them to a different accessory or to pack them up, Press the circle button next to the R or L buttons and then slide them off.

Controlling your Nintendo Switch console

For more on how to use your Nintendo Switch with the Library Joy-con controllers, see these instructions.


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More Help

Need more help using our Joy-con controllers? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email