Homido V2 VR Viewer

Insert your smartphone into the headset and access content on freely available Virtual Reality (VR) apps like Google Cardboard.

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Compatibility & Usage

  • You must use your own iOS or Android enabled smartphone in the library’s VR viewer.
  • Screen size Compatibility: 4.6″ to 6″ = compatible; 5″ to 5.7″ = optimum compatibility; less than 4.7″ and greater than 6″ = limited compatibility.
  • Replacement Cost: $80.


Step 1: Take smartphones out of any case.
Step 2: Insert headphones (if desired).
Step 3: Open the viewer headset from top.
Step 4: Insert smartphone, make sure the fit is secure in the center.
Step 5: Open VR app (see Example VR apps below).
Step 6: In app, find specific content, then press the Cardboard button.
Step 7: Close the viewer.
Step 8: Put the viewer over your eyes and pull the straps around your head. Adjust the straps one at a time to ensure a comfortable fit.
Step 9: Move the slider above the middle of your forehead left/right to focus. Move the lower left slider to adjust the distance between lenses.
Step 10: Some apps support actions while in VR. Press the gray button on the top right of the viewer to do so.

Example VR Apps

  • Google Cardboard, Google Cardboard Camera, Google Street View, GoPro VR, Netflix VR, Public Speaking VR, Sites in VR, Titans of Space, Virtual Speech, VRRollercoaster, YouTube.
  • Search your app store for “VR” and/or “cardboard” for many more apps. Some apps may be free or require up-front or in-app payment.
  • Click here for Google’s list of Cardboard compatible apps.


  • Virtual reality (VR) programs are graphics intensive. Smartphone battery may drain quickly.
  • Prolonged use may cause fatigue. Use moderately.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Make sure the smartphone is inserted correctly and securely. Center the smartphone in device for best experience.
  • Use in a safe environment.
  • Stop using if you lose balance, become nauseous, or otherwise ill.
  • Do not use while standing up, while driving a vehicle, or while playing sports.
  • Use indoors. Do not expose to high temperatures.
  • Don’t forget to take your smartphone out of the viewer after use.

More Help

Need more help with the library’s VR viewer? Contact the Information Services Reference Desk at 224-233-1841 or