The Library Google Chromecast 2nd Generation allows you to stream media from your phone, tablet, or Chrome web browser to a television. It requires an HDMI compatible TV and home Wi-Fi Internet. Set up the Chromecast from a different device using the Google Home app. Use that same device after setup to quickly send content up to your TV.

“Cast” is a new word Google Chromecast uses to mean “send from your device to your TV.”

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– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity
– No installation of apps required onto this device, just on the device you set the Chromecast up with.


Prepare your other device, TV, and Chromecast

Download the Google Home application on a personal phone or tablet from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Adjust the volume on the monitor or TV screen to a level you’re comfortable with.

Plug the Chromecast in to an HDMI port on a monitor or TV screen.

Plug the included Micro USB cable into the other end of the Chromecast. Plug the other end of the Micro USB cable into the included USB power block. Finally, plug the USB power block into a power outlet. You will see a white light on the back of the Chromecast, meaning that it is on. It will take a few minutes to turn on.

Change the input

Using a remote control or buttons on that monitor or TV screen, make sure the screen has selected the HDMI port you plugged the Chromecast into as the input.

Connecting to the Chromecast

On your phone or tablet, go into your Settings and make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.

The Chromecast broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network while it is being set up.

The name of the network cahnges depending on the previous user. But it will likely be something like: “Chromecast4465.b” or “Attic TV.b”, “[Something].b”. The “.b” means that the Chromecast does not have a live Internet connection but is ready to be setup in the GOogle Home app. The “.b” network will not require a password.

Setting up the Chromecast

While connected to the Chromecast’s network, open the Google Home app. You can safely ignore any messages from your device telling you that you don’t have a live Internet connection.

Google Home may detect the Chromecast and automatically start setup. If it does not, hit the + button.

Select Set up device.

Select Set up new devices.

Select Next on the Choose a home screen.

The Chromecast will respond and display a four character code like Y8R2 on the TV screen. That code should match what is shown on the Is this the code on your display? screen. If it doesn’t match, exit the Google Home app and try again. If ti matches, select Yes.

You can say No thanks or Yes, I’m in to Help improve Chromecast. This is Google asking to collect data about your use of the device.

In Select your region pick United States at the bottom and select Continue.

You can tell Home the device is anywhere in your house, like Basement or Family Room. When you use the Chromecast later, this room name will be the name of the Chromecast. Select an option and then select Next.

Select your Wi-Fi network from the Connect to Wi-Fi screen, and then press Next. You may have to type in the network password.

Press Continue on the Linking your Chromecast screen.

You do not have to Set up Google Assistant. Select Next. The Chromecast may ask you to Link services. You can press Not now or No thanks on all of these screens. Select Next on the Almost done! screen to finish up.

You can Choose a sample clip to learn how to cast or you can Skip Tutorial and then select Finish Tutorial.

The Chromecast may need updates after this. They may take a few minutes.

Using Chromecast

Go to an app that you want to use content from, like library services Hoopla and Kanopy, or potentially free or paid services from providers like YouTube, Netflix, and many others. You can see all Chromecast compatible services at

Find something you want to watch and play it. Select the video player, and look for the Cast icon which looks like curved antenna beams pointing away from the lower left corner of a TV rectangle (pictured at the top of this page).

Select the Cast button. From the options select the Chromecast you set up – its name will be the room name you gave it earlier.

It will load and play on your TV or monitor

More about Chromecast

– Before you cast something to the Chromecast, it may display background images and the time.

– While your content is playing on your TV or monitor, you can do other things on the device you casted from.

– You can play and pause using the device you casted from.

– Use the Google Home app or the app you casted from to stop casting.

Demo Video

More Help

Need more help using one of our Google Chromecast? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email