Boombox imageListen to your music CD collection on the go or listen to audiobook CDs from the Library, cassette tapes, AM/FM radio, or audio input from devices with our Sony Personal Audio System CFD-S70 boombox. High quality audio including optional Mega Bass setting.

3.5mm standard analog auxiliary audio plug included. Six (6) Type C batteries not included.

We also have CD/DVD drives which can plug into computers.

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This Sony Personal Audio System CFD-S70 player:

  • Can play CD/CD-R/RW discs
  • Can play MP3 CDs, including with a shuffle function
  • AM/FM radio tuner
  • Plays standard cassette tapes
  • Direct power cable AC powered or battery powered.
  • Stereo 3.5mm circular analog audio jack for input from other devices like smartphones and tablets, cable included
  • Audio out plug for listening with headphones with a standard 3.5mm circular analog audio jack headphones (headphones not included).
  • Options including Mega Bass, multiple CD playing modes like repeat all and shuffling.



Load the bottom tray with six (6) Type C batteries. Follow the – and + labels to insert them properly. Reinsert the battery tray cover.

Or plug in the included DC power cable into the circular plug and a power outlet.

Turn on

We suggest using this boombox via the power cable.

Plug the power cable into a power outlet.

Plug the other end of this cable into the rear right of the boombox.

Press the power button on the upper left side of the device.

Playing AM/FM radio

The antenna is at the rear of the device. Extend and angle it upwards.

Press the FM/AM button to turn on the radio function.

Press the FM/AM button again to switch between FM and AM tuning.

Use the Tune – and + buttons to move between station.

Retract and replace the antenna in its holder at the rear of the device when you’re done.

Playing CDs

Lift the top tray to open the CD compartment.

Insert your CD with the label side up. You will hear a soft click when inserted properly.

Close the tray.

Use the CD PLAY/PAUSE button to play and pause.

⬛ This button stops CD playback.

|<< go to the previous track.

>>| go to the next track.

Press the DISPLAY/ENTER button to display the current track number.

⬛ Press this button before opening the tray to stop the CD from playing to safely remove the current disc.

Playing Cassettes

⬛/⏏ This button ejects the cassette tray.

Insert your cassette tape to align with the guides.

Close the tray until it gently clicks.

Press the < button to play.

Press the || button to pause. Press || again to resume playing.

Press the << button to rewind.

Press the >> button to fast forward.

⬛/⏏ This button also stops playback. And press it again to eject the cassette.

Listen with headphones

See the above instructions for AM/FM radio, CDs, or Cassettes functions to start playing something.

Plug your standard circular 3.5mm standard analog audio headphone jack into the plug on the left side of the device.

Use the – and + buttons to adjust the volume (see more on volume and sound below).

Audio in

Press the Audio In button.

Connect your source of audio to the plug on the left side of the device using either your own or the included circular 3.5mm standard analog audio auxiliary cable.

Use the controls on the connected device to select and play something.

Controlling volume and sound

Use the – and + buttons to adjust the volume.

Press the MEGA BASS button to boost the bass level of the audio. Press MEGA BASS again to turn this feature off. (“Bass” refers to low frequency sounds.)

Turn off

Press the power button twice to fully turn the boombox off. Remove the power cable from the rear right of the boombox and its power outlet.


If you are having trouble with the Lincolnwood Library Boombox, you can try:
-Checking the power plug to make sure it is inserted all the way.
-Check that the batteries are the right Type C and inserted correctly.
-Make sure headphone and auxiliary audio 3.5mm connectors are plugged in all the way.
-Make sure the volume is not at zero (0).
-AM/FM station reception may vary. Try angling the antenna different directions to improve reception.
-Check your cassettes and CDs for skips. Try cleaning CDs to remove skips.
-If you don’t like the quality of sound, try enabling or disabling the MEGA BASS function.

More Help

Need more help using our Boombox? Contact the Information Services Desk at the library by calling (224) 233-1841 or email