Print From Anywhere

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Mobile technology has made it possible to write an entire novel on a cell phone, but what happens when smartphone authors need to print a chapter? Or what if you’re working on your tablet at a coffee shop when you realize you could really use a hard copy of that web page?

The free PrinterOn app offers convenient options for printing from your mobile device to the library’s printers. Once you’ve downloaded it from Google Play or iTunes, follow these easy steps to print:

  1. Select a photo, enter a website address, or—in some cases—access a document from the cloud.
  2. Set the number of copies or page range in preview mode.
  3. Search for the Lincolnwood Public Library printers and select either color or black & white.
  4. Enter your Lincolnwood library card number.
  5. Visit a library print station within 24 hours and enter your card number again to retrieve your job. That’s it!

PrinterOn app iconFor detailed instructions on using the PrinterOn app, view this PDF guide. If you have questions, or you’d like help with downloading the app to your device, please contact Adult Services at (847) 677-5277 x230.