Pop Quiz for Drivers

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1. If an Illinois driver is convicted of a DUI charge in another state:

a) he or she will not be allowed to drive in that state
b) it will be noted on his or her IL driver’s license
c) he or she will receive penalties as if it was committed in IL
d) the conviction will not appear on his or her IL driving record

The answer is c)…did you guess correctly? An incorrect guess won’t cause seasoned drivers to lose their licenses, but it could keep new drivers from getting their permits! Thanks to a partnership with Driving-Tests.org, the Lincolnwood Library now offers free online practice tests for anyone preparing for an Illinois driving exam or looking to brush up on their knowledge of Illinois’s traffic laws.

2. What’s included in Driving-Tests.org for Illinois?

a) 10 practice tests for cars
b) 6 practice tests for motorcycles
c) One Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) practice test
d) Complete driver’s manuals for cars, motorcycles, and CDLs
e) FAQs with detailed answers to 100+ DMV-related questions
f) All of the above

The answer is f)…and what’s more, the ‘Read Aloud’ toolbar (found in the footer of every page) allows you to turn portions of text into MP3 audio files, translate pages into other languages, and mask sections of the screen for greater visibility.

3. How do you access Driving-Tests.org through the Lincolnwood Public Library?

a) Click “Start Now” in the image below
b) Choose “Driver’s License Prep Tests” from the Research menu on any page of the website
c) Start practicing as soon as you enter the new site—no library card number or personal information needed
d) All of the above

Once again, the answer is All of the above—but if you have any trouble finding the site, feel free to contact us at digitalservices@lincolnwoodlibrary.org, or by calling (847) 677-5277.

Drive safely!

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