Meet Windows 10

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Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10, started its gradual rollout on July 29. Six weeks later, the library offered a class called Meet Windows 10, taught by the same tech pros from FireLogic who led last year’s popular Computer Security and Windows 8.1 classes.

Instructor Derrick Wlodarz explained exactly how, when, and why to upgrade, then provided an overview of the biggest changes from previous operating systems. Attendees left with helpful handouts, ready to upgrade to—and master! —Windows 10.

The session was recorded, and the video appears at the bottom of this page. If you don’t have time to watch the entire recording, look for these highlights:

  • a tour of the new Windows 10 Start Menu, beginning at minute 44 (44:05, to be exact)
  • an introduction to the Cortana personal assistant (1:11:11)
  • a demonstration of the Edge web browser (1:30:34)
  • a preview of Derrick’s favorite productivity enhancement, virtual desktops (1:43:04)

After meeting Windows 10, you can view other recorded sessions on FireLogic’s YouTube channel.