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Big news hit the front page of the Lincolnwood Review, our weekly paper covering the village and surrounding suburbs, on Thursday. The headline, “Purple Hotel Site in Limbo,” was accompanied by a photo of an event many residents remember: the demolition of the landmark hotel in 2013.

You can read parts of the Lincolnwood Review online at (Tribune Publishing operates the paper under the Pioneer Press umbrella), but unless you’re a subscriber, you may hit a paywall that blocks some or all content.

If you miss an important article like “Purple Hotel Site in Limbo,” or if you need to research older village stories, use your Lincolnwood library card to access the paper’s archives. In the Research & Learning menu of our website, select Resources A-Z and scroll down to Lincolnwood Review. Enter the number on your library card to access the site, which has this logo at the top:

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Once you’ve logged in, click on a date to view a list of headlines from a single issue of the paper, then click on a headline to read an article. On the article screen, you can also print, email, or save content in PDF format. To the right of the article text, a yellow box with the heading Related Articles contains a list of links to articles covering similar topics.

A bonus for students including Lincolnwood Review articles in research papers: click cite and choose the citation style specified in your assignment (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago) for a reference you can copy and paste into your bibliography.

Not sure which issue contains the article you need? Use the drop-down menus in the search tool to search full text, headlines, captions, bylines, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our Information Services department at (847) 677-5277 x230 or—and never miss another local news story!