Lincolnwood Public Pokébrary

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The Lincolnwood Public Library is a registered PokéStop in Pokémon Go, and patrons of all ages have been stopping by to see if they can catch Paras, Snorlax, or perhaps enough Eevee for a good eevolution! (If that sentence sounds like gibberish to you, take a look at this introduction to the mobile app game craze.) We’ve met several players who, having not been to the library in years, came in to look for Pokémon and left with renewed library cards, books, and DVDs.

Local Pokémon enthusiasts quickly discovered that according to the game’s maker, Niantic, simply walking through the library’s front door does not actually mean they have entered the PokéStop. They have to come visit the Youth & Teen area to trigger the PokéStop, get PokéBalls, and pick up potions. Once there, players will also find bookmarks for each of the Pokémon Trainer teams (Instinct, Mystic, and Valor) recommending books that might appeal to team members. Walking around to check out the progress of the library renovation will incubate eggs, and might even hatch some!

Even if not you’re playing the game, it’s worth visiting our PokéStop to see the little paper PokéBalls taped around the library, which mark different spots where Pokémon have been caught. If you’re lucky, you might see a player in action. A middle schooler who had not visited the library since school let out stopped by recently to spread the word that there were a bunch of Eevees in the parking lot…

If you are playing, you’ll definitely want to come by to catch ’em all; when you do, say hello and show us your Pokédex!

library pokestop flyer