Library Laptops, Comfortable Corners

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Do you have a favorite spot in the library building? Starting Monday, June 1, you’ll be able to enjoy your spot while using library technology.

library laptops for lendingCheck out a laptop from the Adult Services desk using your Lincolnwood library card and photo ID, then use it anywhere within the library for up to four hours. As always, USB drives and earbuds are available for purchase at the circulation desk; you can also bring your own, and/or save your work in the cloud.

Why laptops? Perhaps you’ve come to the library on a busy Wednesday afternoon only to find that every computer in our lab is in use. Grab a laptop with all the same features: Microsoft Office, internet access, and reset-upon-logoff to protect your privacy.

If you’re accustomed to using a laptop, a desktop computer can really cramp your style. Borrow a library laptop while your own is being repaired and relax into your routine, or move around for new perspectives, and let your creative juices flow.

We often see pairs or groups working on projects together while seated at side-by-side computer terminals in our lab. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit across a table from your partner or group, so you can truly collaborate?

We also see parents hurrying to complete their computer work before their kids get bored and beg to leave. With library laptops, parents can work in our children’s area, with books, games, and puzzles close at hand for entertainment purposes. Everyone sticks together, and everyone stays busy!

As the library embarks on its building improvement project, we’ll be unveiling many more comfortable corners, quiet areas, and inviting spaces. You just might find a new favorite spot—and with a library laptop, you’ll be fully equipped to make the most of it.

Any questions? Contact Adult Services at (847) 677-5277 x230.