Council of Awesome T[w]eens

Lincolnwood Public Library Council of Awesome T[w]eens

Interested in becoming a CAT? Help plan programs such as Zombie Night or video game tournaments, earn volunteer hours in the library while hanging out with friends, and strengthen your leadership skills!

We are not currently taking any applications. If you are interested in earning volunteer hours, we have open volunteer hours for everyone grades 3 and above on Thursday and Friday, January 2 and 3, from 2-6pm. 

Please send any other questions to Kevin at

CAT Application – Fall 2019

What is the Council of Awesome T(w)eens (CAT)?

Those on the Library Council of Awesome T[w]eens (CAT) help plan programs, recommend materials for purchase by the library, help with volunteer work at the library, and much more. We meet about once a month to plan programs and discuss library issues.

Who are the library CATS? 

Applicants for the CAT volunteer program must be Lincolnwood residents in grade six or above. Members (or, CATs) are expected to attend meetings as active participants for at least a term of a half a school year. CAT members uses e-mail to communicate with each other & members should check at least once a week for updates.

CATs can also sign up to stop by the library to complete library-related volunteer work. This program is flexible around every member’s schedule, and the library makes sure there is work for everyone, regardless of age or interest.

5 Reasons you should be a CAT member

1. Improve the library for yourself and your friends.

2. Meet others who enjoy the library as much as you do and work together to get more people on the same library-loving page.

3. Plan, run, and participate in programs and events (and get first dibs!).

4. Learn and practice new leadership skills to prepare and strengthen yourself and your job skills for the future.

5. Receive special library privileges and community service hours for CAT meetings and activities.

2018 LPLD CAT Highlights: 

January: CATS attended a board meeting

February: Filmed promotional videos for library board games. Several CATs also became certified in using the Digital Media Lab.

March: Some amassed 40+ volunteer hours to this point! CATs also debuted a YouTube channel.

April: Second Annual Super Smash Bros. Tournament was planned and held. Over 50 people attended!

September: CAT open house was held and successful – there will be an open house in 2019 as well.

October: Training new CATS, some amassing over 45+ volunteer hours in the month of October alone.

November/December: Planning and working hard on the annual after hours Zombie Night program