Great Reads for Teens


Choosing the Right Book

Our Teen collection serves grades 6 through 12 – a wide range of fiction and nonfiction written for teens and tweens alike. Follow the stickers on the book spines to learn which books are appropriate for which ages. Ultimately, you should choose the book that you want to read – our stickers are just here to help you out!

All the books in the collection have the “Teen” sticker, indicating they’re in the collection, but books with no additional stickers have typically been reviewed as appropriate for 7th grade and up. Books with a small yellow dot on the spine are reviewed specifically for high schoolers and may contain mature content, themes, or concepts. Books featuring a “Tween” sticker are great for readers in 5th grade through 7th grade – they’re a little less mature in content, and serve as a great bridge from middle grade literature to true young adult literature.

Recommendations by Genre

              Contemporary Realistic Fiction

              Historical Fiction

Action & Adventure

Crime, Espionage, Escape & Heists

Special Topics:

Books to Make You Cry

Books for the Teen Social Justice Warrior 

LGBT* Pride

On the Big or Small Screen

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