Introducing Hot Picks

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Have you ever come to the library hoping for the new John Grisham book, only to find all the copies checked out and the waiting list several weeks long? Or stopped by to grab a copy of the last “Hunger Games” movie before seeing the new one in theaters, when it turned out everyone else had the same idea and all the DVDs are gone? Trust us, we know what agony it can be to wait for something you really want to watch, hear, or read.

To alleviate the agony, we are introducing a new collection of Hot Picks today, with the opening of our newly renovated library lobby! Showcasing the most in-demand titles we’ve got in the library across multiple age groups and formats—be they newest in a series, most recent by beloved authors, best sellers, award-winners, or box office blockbusters—our Hot Picks collection is sure to be stocked with popular items.

Hot Picks will be for Lincolnwood residents only, though many of the same items will also be available in our regular collection for everyone. Our goal is to get some of the best, most in-demand materials into your hands the second you walk into the library! That means there are no holds or renewals on Hot Picks, and the lending period is two weeks, as opposed to standard three. The late fee for these popular items is also a bit higher, at a dollar per day.

View Hot Picks books and DVDs in our library catalog. Better yet, stop on by to check out the new lobby and the Hot Picks shelves…but bring your oven mitts or safety gloves, because this collection is so hot it’s on fire!

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