Instagram Highlights

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Are you following the Lincolnwood Public Library on social media? We’ve had a library Facebook page for years, but just started an Instagram account about six weeks ago. Since then, we’ve posted:

Our Instagrammers are also foodies! Ketchup, popcorn, French fries, and Andy’s frozen custard have all made appearances. Of course, when we’re not busy eating, we’re reading, so our feed is full of books for all ages.

If you’re curious about Instagram, check out this tutorial on how to sign up, follow accounts, post photos, apply filters, and interact with other users.

Already an Instagrammer? Follow us and comment—we’d love to hear from you! Use the #amreading hashtag along with #lincolnwoodlibrary to show us what you’re reading. Bonus: if you post this one as a selfie, you’ll earn a raffle ticket in our Summer Reading Challenge.

Books, books, and more books on our library Instagram account: