Everyone Loves the Library

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After four years of planning and almost a year of construction, we opened our fully renovated library in late January 2017. So was it worth it? The numbers say yes. First, a little history. In 2012, the library conducted a major strategic planning process, which included an all-community survey. The survey showed that the Lincolnwood community wanted a better library facility, and better access to popular books, movies, and other materials. To address these requests we put a plan in motion to renovate the library, and we created a popular collection for use only by Lincolnwood residents.

Librarians love statistics, so we have a rich history of data to mine. Let’s take a look at the month of May for the past ten years, and compare two major statistics: visitors and circulation.

May 2017 shows a 10-year high for visitors to the library, and a 10-year high for circulation. These statistics show us that the Lincolnwood Library community is using the library at rates never seen before. Our vision is for the library to be a modern, thriving, essential part of the Lincolnwood community, and we are well on our way.

We will be kicking off a new strategic planning process in 2017, stay tuned to learn how you can participate and share your thoughts on how the library can be even better.