Everyone Has a Story

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Are there questions you’ve always wanted to ask someone close to you but didn’t know how? Do you long to share the adventures, experiences, and challenges of your life? Would you like to leave a legacy of memories that can inspire and inform others?

My Lincolnwood Story, the library’s new oral history project, is your platform to say yes to all the above. The project will record, preserve and share the history of the village and its residents. The goal: to connect residents with the history of their neighbors, and with each other. Participants will come together at the library, where they can schedule a recording session with a friend or loved one (or a library staffer). We will handle the logistics (microphones, recording, etc.) so you can focus on the conversation. If you’re stumped on how to start, here are a few questions that might help:
• How did you/your family come to live in Lincolnwood?
• Tell me about how you got into your line of work.
• What was your relationship with your parents when you were growing up? How did it change?
• What traditions have been passed down in your family?
• How has your life been different from what you imagined?
• What are your hopes for the future?

Whether you are the interviewer or interviewee, consider yourself an oral historian. The answers will provide a glimpse into the people of Lincolnwood and their history.

Information sessions are scheduled on March 28 and April 15, and interview slots will be available starting March 25. Reserve your spot by calling Lev Kalmens at (224)233-1856.