Ebooks Go Where You Go

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Next in our series on mobile apps from your library is the app used to download eBooks and eAudiobooks from the library.

In addition to the books you’ll find within our four walls, the Lincolnwood Public Library offers thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks via a service called OverDrive. New titles are always being added—this page lists some of the newest and most popular.

Good news for those who are trying not to accumulate too many different gadgets: you don’t have to buy a dedicated eReader like a Nook or a Kindle to access the library’s eBooks and eAudiobooks! With the free OverDrive app, they’re accessible from any smartphone or tablet.

To use the OverDrive app, follow the instructions in our eBooks & eAudiobooks for Mobile Devices guide (PDF).

Browse available titles with the touch of your finger; when you find one you like, you can download it and begin reading it or listening to it on your mobile device right away. You won’t have to worry about fines, either, because titles are returned automatically at the end of the loan period.

If you find an eBook or eAudiobook that’s not available, select Place a Hold and enter your email address for automatic borrowing. Before you know it, you’ll get an email notifying you that the title is on the virtual Bookshelf in your OverDrive app, ready for reading or listening anywhere you carry your device.

OverDrive eBooks