Digital Newsstand Expands

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Your Lincolnwood Library card already gave you access to thousands of current newspapers and magazines from around the world, as well as thousands of older magazine articles. Now we are pleased to introduce Flipster Magazines.

Flipster presents the popular magazines you know and love in digital format for computers and mobile devices. It’s easy to use—for instructions, please see this PDF guide or visit our help page.

Flipster banner

Here are some scenarios that show off our favorite Flipster features:

Magazine Problem (MP): “This cover story looks interesting, but I bet the article is buried beneath a bunch of articles and ads that I don’t care about.”

Flipster Solution (FS): Move your mouse around the cover of a magazine to reveal yellow highlighting, then click on a highlighted headline to go directly to that article.

MP: “My daughter said there was a good lasagna recipe in ‘Real Simple’ sometime in the last few months. How will I ever find it?”

FS: Use a simple search box to search within a single issue or all available issues—no page-flipping required!

MP: “Ooh, I love that paint color…but I’m never going to remember to type in the website address and look for it when I’m online.”

FS: Click on live links to open websites immediately. (Links load in a new tab or window, so you won’t lose your place.)

MP: “I’ve already read the airline magazine cover to cover, and there’s two hours left in this flight!”

FS: Download magazines to the Flipster app before leaving home, and you’ll be able to access them anywhere, anytime—even in airplane mode.