Construction Updates

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February 19, 2017

For those of you who haven’t been able to stop in, take a look at this video that highlights the improvements to the library:

 January 25, 2017

Well, we did it! We’re 99% done with our project, and are just setting up our furniture. We’re beyond excited to have our adult collection back, everything will be on the shelves today. We plan to open up the new space to the public on Friday 1/27, no later than 5:00PM but we expect to be able to do it earlier. Thanks for following us on our journey, and come to our Grand Reopening Celebration on Sunday February 19 at 1:00PM!


January 18, 2017

This is the last week of significant construction. Next week we’ll get furniture for Phase 3, and plan to open everything up on Friday 27 at 5:00PM or so. We will be transferring back to using the main entrance on Friday January 20, so watch out for a new foot traffic pattern. To do the main door transition we will open late (at 1:00PM) on Friday 1/20.

We’re finishing up the last details of the project:

  • Completed installation of carpet and of hard tile
  • Completed installation of backsplashes in meeting room and staff kitchen
  • Completed 90% roofing of front canopy
  • Began installation of millwork at meeting rooms, staff kitchen, adult reference desk, mail room
  • Began installation of AV equipment in meeting rooms
  • Installed slatwall in lobby
  • Completed installation and configuration of fire panel
  • Completed entire duct cleaning and filter replacement
  • Completed installation of sinks for meeting room and staff kitchen

January 11, 2017

We’ve got less than three weeks to go! Here’s what we did last week:

  • Completed installation of ceiling tiles
  • Began interior glass installation for front vestibule and study rooms
  • Completed installation of all interior and exterior doors and hardware
  • 75% complete with carpet installation
  • Completed plaster installation under front canopy
  • Took down temporary wall between phases 1 and 3
  • Continued with light fixture installation
  • Got the fish tank up and running and have our first round of new fish!

January 9, 2017

LET THERE BE FISH. Our first fish have arrived! We’ve got 27 fish to start acclimating the water and environment in preparation for other fish, including our catfish Whiskas. Today we put in these fish:

  • (9) Bloodfin Tetras
  • (9) Glowlight Tetras
  • (9) Golden Tetras

Stop by and say hi to our newest residents!



January 5, 2017

Happy New Year! We’re in the final month of construction and plan on opening up the last phase at the end of the month. Last week we:

  • Completed HVAC trim out
  • Installed women’s and staff bathroom fixtures
  • Began installation of plaster under the front canopy
  • Completed installation of reclaimed wood
  • Continued installing ceiling tiles (95% complete)
  • Began floor prep in advance of carpet installation
  • Continued installing light fixtures
  • Installed exterior staff door

December 27, 2016

Who’s ready for our fish to come back? We received the new fish tank and equipment this week, and will be installing and setting everything up in the beginning of the year. Get ready to welcome Whiskas (our catfish) to his new home in February. Construction completed last week was:

  • Completed electrical ceiling rough in
  • 85% complete with interior painting
  • 70% complete installation of reclaimed wood
  • Completed reading box entirely, all metal tiling installed
  • Continued installing ceiling tiles
  • Took down construction fencing on north and east sides
  • Completed front plaza canopy sheathing and installation of ice and water shield
  • Began furring and prep for underside of canopy
  • Installed secret purple bricks
  • Took delivery of fish tank and equipment

December 23, 2016

Remember the Purple Hotel? In 2013 when the hotel was demolished, the developers salvaged bricks and gave them to the library to use in a fundraising effort. Hundreds of people lined up at Lincolnwood Fest and donated $5 in exchange for a memorial purple brick. But guess what? The library saved a small handful of bricks, and we are going to install three of them somewhere in the library during this last phase of construction. They will be tucked out of the way just a bit, so have fun trying to find them when we’re done!

Also, we will be raffling off a couple more of the bricks at our grand opening events on Sunday February 19 from 1:00-3:00PM (family fun) and Sunday March 12 at 3:00PM (Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra). To enter the raffle all you need is a Lincolnwood Library card, so stop in soon with your picture ID and get ready for a chance at a historic purple brick!


December 22, 2016

We’re done with all the big installations for this last phase of the project, and are starting to get our finishes in. Everything is looking great and we can’t wait to have the whole library available for you to use! Last week we:

  • Completed acoustical ceiling grid
  • Started painting interior walls
  • Started HVAC trimout
  • Started light fixture installation
  • Completed fire sprinkler rough-in and passed hydro test
  • Started installing reclaimed wood on walls
  • Installed last new window at east wall
  • 90% done with metal tile installation at reading box
  • Began sheathing of front canopy
  • Completed masonry repair at front canopy
  • Completed grouting and cleaning of tile in women’s bathroom
  • Began installation of interior and exterior doors

December 14, 2016

It is officially COLD and we’ve gotten our first big snow, but we’re still working! Last week we:

  • Completed masonry repairs at large east window
  • Began outdoor metal wall tile installation at reading box
  • Began tiling of women’s bathroom
  • Installed remainder of structural steel and metal decking on front canopy
  • 75% complete with taping, mudding, sanding drywall
  • 80% complete with electrical ceiling rough in
  • 50% complete with acoustical ceiling grid
  • 25% complete with light fixture installation

December 7, 2016

We’re down to the last six weeks of the project! The new windows on the north and east side are beautiful and letting in lots of natural light. Here’s what we did last week:

  • Complete drywalling, began taping and mudding
  • Continued electrical ceiling rough in
  • Continued HVAC rough in
  • Installed glass for north wall windows and reading box
  • Completed masonry repair on north wall, began repair on east wall
  • Installed wooden beam in reading box
  • Completed installation of backer board, taping and mudding in women’s restroom
  • Installed 50% of the steel at the front canopy
  • Began pulling low voltage wiring

Late Opening Monday December 5

The library will have a late opening on Monday December 5, and will not open until 12:00 noon. The reason is because a large crane will be blocking the parking lot so they can install the new canopy in our front plaza. We will be open from 12:00 noon to 9:00PM that day. Thanks for understanding!

November 30, 2016

Last week was a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we’re still making progress. Here’s what we did last week:

  • Continued drywalling
  • Installed underslab snowmelt system, sand, and pavers at front plaza
  • Continued HVAC rough in
  • Completed temperature control rough in
  • Completed landscaping plantings

November 23, 2016

The weather is getting colder, but we are officially done with all of the below-grade work! We’re on track to open to the public around the end of January. Here’s what we did last week:

  • Received and installed the steel at the reading box, north wall windows, and meeting room operable partition
  • Continued interior wall framing, began drywalling
  • Poured back concrete at new steel, new plumbing, front plaza, and remainder of bollards
  • Completed underslab plumbing and passed inspection
  • Completed electrical wall rough in and passed inspection
  • Began HVAC rough in
  • Planted (installed? Laid?) sod wherever possible
  • Planted Techy Arborvitae trees at north property line

November 16, 2016

Some of our most-anticipated features are underway, like the under slab snow melt system in the front plaza, and new window openings on the north and east walls. We’ve got just a couple of months left until we are done with the entire project. Right now we are targeting the end of January for Phase 3 to be open to the public. Here’s what we did last week:

  • Installed piping for new plumbing
  • Continue building interior walls (metal stud framing)
  • Successfully passed electrical floor rough in inspection
  • Pour back electrical channels
  • Masonry demolition and repair at east wall for new large window
  • Masonry repair at north wall
  • Storefront and roof demo of reading box
  • Laid out underslab snowmelt system at front plaza
  • Began electrical wall rough in

November 9, 2016

We are already deep in demolition and construction for Phase 3 (but also managed to get some landscaping done before the weather turns!). Here’s what we did last week:

  • Masonry demolition and repair at north wall for new windows and doors
  • Saw cut channels and began installation of floor electrical conduit
  • Laid out interior wall locations and began building walls
  • Excavated and poured concrete piers for new steel at new windows
  • Planted landscaping along east and south walls
  • Complete building exterior framing and sheathing at adult reading box
  • Prepped the remainder of the front plaza for the snow melt system and laid conduit for the remaining bollards

November 3, 2016

We found a time capsule! While excavating the original dedication plaque (which is being relocated) we found a small metal box in the masonry behind it. What could be in it?


November 2, 2016

With Phase 2 finished and opened up, we are diving right into demolition for Phase 3. When it’s finished, Phase 3 will include the adult area, an expanded lobby, private study rooms, and additional large meeting/program space. Here’s what we did last week:

  • Demolish walls, carpet, ceilings, bathroom fixtures
  • Demolish front plaza concrete and prep for snow melt system
  • Prep for concrete cutting for electrical and plumbing
  • Excavation for concrete piers for new steel
  • New roofing and copings at reading box and front entrance
  • Remove dedication plaques and prepare to install them in their new location
  • Install Millennium Tile at small area outside fireplace
  • Removed trees at north property line
  • Began building exterior framing and sheathing at adult reading box

October 28, 2016

Phase 2 is open! This includes the remainder of the youth and teen area as well as a consolidated staff workroom. Come in and check it out!


October 26, 2016

Are you ready to see the next completed phase of our project? We are planning on opening up to the public on Friday October 28, so stop by and see our new Youth & Teen area and consolidated staff workspace. We’re already getting started on Phase 3, which we expect to be done in the beginning of January. This past week we:

  • Demolished concrete ramp
  • Demolished front entrance canopy
  • Began build out of reading box
  • Received and installed Phase 2 furniture
  • Move all computers/phones into Phase 2 areas
  • Completed installation of sound baffling in media lab
  • Completed painting of roof plaster
  • Completed paver installation in ½ of the front plaza
  • Switched to use the new temporary front doors

October 18, 2016

We are in the home stretch of Phase 2, and plan to open to the public around Halloween. We are 2/3 done with the entire project, just a few more months until we’re completely done! This past week we:

  • Completed bathroom fixture installation (sink faucets are not here yet, we may need to have temporary ones)
  • Completed carpet and baseboard installation
  • Completed painting of exterior steel beams
  • Mostly completed installation of millwork (counters, cabinets, youth desk)
  • Received the new ceiling tiles for the youth area and began installation
  • Continued metal roof installation (about 80% complete)
  • Completed interior painting
  • Installed steel, poured concrete, and installed electrical conduit for front plaza bollards
  • Poured curbs and repaired asphalt at front plaza
  • Completed installation of wood trim in staff workroom
  • Installed media screen and all audiovisual components in Room C
  • Installed steel for adult reading box (moved up from phase 3)

October 12, 2016

Just 2 more weeks before you get to see the renovated Youth & Teen area and new staff workspace! This week we:

  • Installed the glass at the circulation desk (this was from phase 1, it looks great!)
  • Began bathroom fixture installation
  • Began carpet installation
  • Began exterior painting of steel beams
  • Began installation of millwork (counters, cabinets, youth desk)
  • Completed door installation and began hardware installation
  • Continued metal roof installation
  • Mostly finished interior painting (just some touch ups left)
  • Poured concrete pads for bike racks
  • Poured new curbs at front plaza and installed ADA tactile strips

October 5, 2016

We are getting very close to the end of Phase 2, and expect to open it up to everyone at the end of the month. This past week we:

  • Continued final painting
  • Completed fish tank buildout
  • Completed ½ of interior transom window glass installation
  • Performed hydro (sprinkler) test
  • Began installation of metal roofing
  • Began installation of the “star” light fixtures in youth area
  • Began ceiling tile installation

September 28, 2016 Update

We did it! We got our new rooftop HVAC unit installed and running. It’s much nicer in the library now :). We got lots done last week too:

  • Painted steel at youth clerestory ceilings
  • Installed interior doors
  • Received and installed the new HVAC rooftop unit
  • Completed ceiling grid installation
  • Began fish tank build out
  • Installed light fixtures
  • Installed glass doors between café and youth area
  • Got the fireplace up and running!

September 22, 2016 Update

We survived the storms yesterday and got our new unit on the roof, and the old one has been removed. Now we are working on getting it up and running. Why are we still closed? It’s because all of the power to the building is shut off so we can do the installation safely. See you Sunday September 25 at 1:00PM!

new hvac unit on roof

September 21, 2016 Update

Why are there thunderstorms this morning? 🙁 We can’t remove the old rooftop unit and install the new one in a storm. As soon as the storm passes we’ll get back to work.

HVAC unit

September 20, 2016 Update

Lots of great things are happened in Phase 2 last week, just look at that cool tile! (it will be in the single stall bathrooms).

  • Completed tiling and grouting the single stall bathrooms
  • Continued the HVAC ductwork and electrical ceiling rough ins
  • Continued drywalling, mudding, sanding
  • Continued pulling low voltage wiring
  • Began fire sprinkler head rough in and trimout
  • Began buildout at fish tank
  • Began installation of light fixtures
  • Began installation of ceiling grid

The library will be closed Wednesday September 21 through Saturday September 24 for a major installation (weather dependent). This is for the installation of the new heating/cooling rooftop unit. We are all very much looking forward to a more consistent and stable temperature inside the library.  For daily closing updates, visit

construction-pics-9-20-2 construction-pics-9-20-1

September 14, 2016 Update

Phase 2 is starting to get its finishing touches and is looking like a real library again! This past week we:

  • Completed installing the final layer of the roof, including the rotunda
  • Completed masonry repair at window openings and installed the limestone sills
  • Completed installation of new window frames and glass
  • Completed electrical wall rough ins
  • Continued the HVAC ductwork and electrical ceiling rough ins
  • Began tiling the single stall bathrooms
  • Continued drywalling, mudding, sanding
  • Continued pulling low voltage wiring

The library will be closed Wednesday September 21 through Saturday September 24 for a major installation (weather dependent). This is for the installation of the new heating/cooling rooftop unit. We are all very much looking forward to a more consistent and stable temperature inside the library.  For daily closing updates, visit


September 7, 2016 Update

Construction is coming along on Phase 2, which we expect to be completed at the end of October. Last week we:

  • Continued installing final roof layer (should be completed Wednesday)
  • Began masonry repair at window openings
  • Continued the HVAC, electrical ceiling, and electrical wall rough ins
  • Began drywalling, mudding, sanding
  • Installed concrete board in bathrooms
  • Installed track for operable glass partitions
  • Began pulling electrical and low voltage wiring

The library will be closed Wednesday September 21 through Saturday September 24 for a major installation (weather dependent). This is for the installation of the new heating/cooling rooftop unit. If you’ve visited lately you will have experienced continued issues with our air conditioning, so we are all very much looking forward to a more consistent and stable temperature inside the library.  For daily closing updates, visit

construction pics 9-7

September 2, 2016 Update

Have you been wondering why the library is getting a new roof? Three reasons: 1) it’s time, many portions are over 20 years old; 2) it regularly leaks; and 3) we lose a lot of heat through the roof. See for yourself! Our old roof was 2 inches thick, and our new roof is 7 inches thick. The leaks will be eliminated and we will see a significant improvement in temperature control with the thicker insulation (saves money and more energy efficient). This roofing comparison is in the lobby, stop by and check it out!

roof comparison

August 31, 2016 Update

We are moving fast on Phase 2, we’re about 35% complete. In the last week we:

  • Continued installing the final roof layer
  • Received and installed steel for the movable glass walls in the youth program room
  • Continue wall framing and the HVAC, electrical ceiling, and electrical wall rough ins.
  • Demolished old window openings and created new, bigger openings
  • Completed the installation of the “bird beak” window in the cafe

We are planning to be closed Wednesday September 21 through Saturday September 24 for a major installation (weather dependent). This is for the installation of the new heating/cooling rooftop unit. If you’ve visited lately you will have experienced continued issues with our air conditioning, so we are all very much looking forward to a more consistent and stable temperature inside the library.  For daily closing updates, visit

construction pics 8-31 1 construction pics 8-31

Late Opening Thursday August 25 – 11:00AM

We are having some very large pieces of steel delivered on Thursday 8/25 morning, and we need to bring it in through the main entrance. For the safety of patrons and staff, we will not open on Thursday 8/25 until 11:00AM. Thanks for understanding!

August 24, 2016 Update

This past week saw lots of items being completed in Phase 2:

  • Continue to remove old green metal roofing
  • Begin installing final roof layer
  • Poured back the electrical plumbing channels
  • Demolished and excavated concrete for operable glass partition, poured back the footing pads
  • Poured the concrete sidewalk outside where we demolished it for the gas pipe installation
  • Installed one half of the new “bird beak” window in the cafe; the other half should be installed next week.
  • Roughed in bathroom plumbing, making ADA changes as necessary
  • Passed our soil and concrete tests
  • Demolished the front plaza pavers and concrete
construction pics 8-24 2 construction pics 8-24 1

August 17, 2016 Update

We are in full construction mode for our Phase 2 areas, and in the past week we installed the frame and glass for new lobby window (from phase 1); completed removing the old roof; began removing green metal cladding on roof; cut the floors and installed new plumbing; cut the floors and began installing electrical conduit; and we continued to frame out and install new walls.

This week we will install the glass in the other new window in the corner of the cafe (nicknamed the “bird beak”) so be prepared for lots of natural light and a lovely view of Pratt Avenue.

construction pics 8-17 2 construction pics 8-17

August 10, 2016 Update

We completed Phase 1, and opened the new lobby, cafe, men’s room, and a portion of the youth area on Monday August 8 at 5:00PM. We also debuted our new “Hot Picks” collection, which reserves the hottest blockbuster items for Lincolnwood residents only, so come on in and check it out! The glass for the new window openings in the Phase 1 area will be installed by Friday 8/19. Phase 2 construction also began on 8/8, and we completed most of the demolition and have begun cutting the floors for the plumbing and electrical pipes and conduit. You will see new temporary walls up to block off the new construction zone. We’ve also completed the majority of the first layer of our new roof, and will begin to install the new metal cladding. Phase 2 has been noiser than Phase 1 was, so thank you for your patience and don’t forget that you can grab earplugs at the Information Services pics 8-10 2 construction pics 8-10 1

August 3, 2016 Update

We’re in the last week of Phase 1, and are finishing up all the last minute details. We received and put together all of the new shelving and had some of our new furniture delivered! We are going to be closed during daytime hours on Monday August 8 (opening at 5:00PM) so we can prepare the space to move into. One Phase 1 item that will be a little delayed is the glass for our new window openings; it will go in the week of August 15, so we’ll have to live with the temporary plywood for just a little longer. Be ready next week to see your new lobby, cafe, men’s room, and a portion of the youth area.

construction pics 8-3 1construction pics 8-3 2

July 27, 2016 Update

Two weeks to go on Phase 1! Can you believe how fast everything went? This week we continued painting walls, laid carpet in the lobby and youth areas, begin laying tile in the café, completed our plumbing inspection, installed new doors at the electrical and sprinkler rooms, hung the remainder of men’s room accessories (mirrors, grab bars, dispensers, etc.). We also got started on our new roof! We are going to be closed during daytime hours on Monday August 8 (opening at 5:00PM). This is to allow us to complete the transition of moving all of the materials/shelving/furniture into the completed Phase 1 area and empty out Phase 2 in preparation for construction.

construction pics 7-27 2 construction pics 7-27 1

July 20, 2016 Update

We are just a few short weeks away from completing Phase 1 and opening up the new lobby, cafe, youth area, and men’s bathroom. This week we began painting walls, completed painting of the ductwork/steelwork in the new café, had roofing materials delivered, completed dry walling all areas, completed most light fixture installation (we’re still waiting arrival of a few fixtures), completed installation of men’s bathroom fixtures, complete gas piping for fireplace, installed coffee machine counter, installed dropped ceiling tiles, built the temporary north wall, and installed water fountains. Our new water fountains come with a water bottle filler option, better for the environment, bring your reusable water bottle!

We are going to be closed during daytime hours on Monday August 8 (opening at 5:00PM). This is to allow us to complete the transition of moving all of the materials/shelving/furniture into the completed Phase 1 area and empty out Phase 2 in preparation for construction.

construction pics 7-20

July 15, 2016 Update

Our parking lot is a little crowded today as we unload roofing materials. The Library is open, and the construction crane should be out of the way before lunchtime. Thanks for your patience!












 July 13, 2016 Update

We are really moving on finishing the details of Phase 1, and this week we framed out and installed the fireplace (but we’re still waiting for flue); installed the men’s bathroom fixtures; poured back the concrete footings; completed framing for the new “bird’s beak” window in the cafe; successfully completed the fire sprinkler testing; installed light fixtures; taped, mudded, and sanded drywall joints; installed both sets of temporary double doors; and dry walled the vending machine enclosures in preparation of the backsplash tile installation.

We are going to be closed during daytime hours on Monday August 8 (opening at 5:00PM). This is to allow us to complete the transition of moving all of the materials/shelving/furniture into the completed Phase 1 area and empty out Phase 2 in preparation for construction. We’ll also be building temporary construction walls on that day. We appreciate your patience during this short closing, and expect that you will be delighted when Phase 1 is complete and everyone has access to the renovated  lobby with our new Hot Picks collection, cafe, men’s bathroom, and a portion of the Youth & Teen area.

construction pics 7-13

July 6, 2016 Update

Work completed this week was to mostly complete masonry repair of the new windows, receive men’s bathroom accessories, complete tiling of the men’s bathroom, and begin rebuilding the dropped ceiling grid. We expect our fireplace to be delivered tomorrow!construction pics 7-6

June 29, 2016 Update

This week we got started on repairing the masonry around our new window opening, bricked up one door and installed a new door. We also are moving fast on drywalling areas that have already been framed in. The space is really starting to come together!

construction pics 6-29

June 22, 2016 Update

The last finishing touches were put on the steel installation this past week, and we began masonry work to finish the new window openings. We also installed new tile in the men’s bathroom and are waiting for one last tile shipment to complete the job. We put in the brackets for our magazine shelving, which will be in our new cafe. We are about six weeks away from finishing Phase 1!construction pics 6-22

June 15, 2016 Update

Our steel installation was successfully completed this week! This was an important step so we can now frame out all of the new window openings and prepare to have the glass installed. We have also saved much of the brick that we removed for the new window openings that we will reuse for the remainder of the project. Re-using the brick saves money and is also environmentally friendly (and will match our existing brick!)construction pics 6-15

June 10, 2016 Update

The library will open late on Tuesday June 14, we will not open until 11:00AM. This is because we are installing a very large piece of steel at the round southwest corner of our facility, and we will need to block off the parking lot to maintain the safety of our patrons and staff. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

June 8, 2016 Update

construction pics 6-8

This was an important week as the new structural steel for the new window openings was delivered and we began installation. We also continued framing out and drywalling the walls, soffits, and men’s bathroom. Work has been progressing on schedule, and we expect that Phase 1 (new cafe, lobby, and a portion of the youth area) will be completed around the end of July.


June 1, 2016 Update

6-1-16 2

This was a quieter week for construction now that the new window openings have been demolished. This past week we have been working on continuing the electrical and plumbing rough-ins and the interior framing for walls and soffits.







May 25, 2016 Update

construction pics 5-25

We got so much work done this week! One of the changes needed to the building structure was to add new windows to the areas that did not receive any natural light. This week we created openings for four new large windows. Here’s is the latest renovation update:

  • Shored up the walls and ceiling in preparation for demolition
  • Demolished of the exterior walls for the large window openings for the front window, laptop counter, cafe bump-out window (nicknamed bird beak), and teen lounge
  • Demolished men’s bathroom
  • Built new permanent walls in the bathroom hallway
  • The men’s and women’s bathrooms were not accessible in the beginning of the week, but everyone used the single style restrooms on the other side of the building. The women’s bathroom will reopen 5/26 and will remain open for the duration of Phase 1. The men’s restroom will remain closed throughout Phase 1, and reopen around the end of July.

May 18, 2016 Update

conduit channels

Construction is progressing well and we are on schedule to complete Phase 1 around the end of July. Here’s what we did this past week:

  • Installed the floor electrical boxes
  • Filled in the floor electrical conduit channels with concrete
  • Nicor installed our new natural gas line
  • Completed the move of the main electrical ground
  • Up next will be to shore up the walls and begin demolition of exterior walls for the large window openings.

The demolition of the men’s restroom will begin next week (week of 5/23). For the first day of demolition, both the large men’s and women’s restrooms will be closed off, but both single stall bathrooms on the youth side of the building will be available. The women’s bathroom will open back up next week, and the men’s will open up around the end of July.

May 11, 2016 Update

construction pics 5-11

This past week we have:

  • Relocated one of the roof drains in the front of the lobby to be underground and connected at a different location. When doing this work we ran into an existing foundation and footing from a previous building on our site, and had to remove that concrete so we could proceed.
  • Continued to route new ductwork for the HVAC system.
  • Laid conduit for all the floor electrical boxes.
  • We are bringing in natural gas for our fireplace and also are converting our HVAC system from all-electric to gas. We expect that Nicor will install our gas line and meter today or tomorrow.

May 5, 2016 Update

temporary bike parkingThis past week we’ve completed pouring the concrete footings that will support the new windows in the new lobby and cafe area. We’ve also completed a lot of electrical rough-in work in the ceilings, and installed HVAC ductwork for the new floor plan.
We also took over one parking spot and installed temporary bike parking. Summer is coming and we wanted to make sure you had a place to park your bike!

April 27, 2016 Update

Right now the main project is still demolition. We are channeling into the concrete slab floor to install outlet boxes, this means that there will be lots of outlets at tables all over the library when we’re finished! However, this work is noisy, as they are using jackhammers and concrete saws. If it’s too loud for you, stop by the adult Information Services desk and pick up a pair of earplugs.

Concrete Work 2Concrete Work 1






April 20, 2016 Update

Phase 1 demo

Take a sneak peak at the demolition in progress! There is some great light coming through into what will become the new lobby and café with a fireplace and vending area. The redesigned lobby will have more space to showcase bestsellers and other popular materials, and will include seating in the front of the Library.

April 15, 2016 Update

blog photos April 15

Construction has begun! Today the temporary safety fence went around the front of the library to keep all of our visitors safe. A temporary wall went up in the section that used to be part of the youth area, and this space will house the vending café and teen section after renovation. The Library will remain open during our renovation process, and we will close off parts of the building during three phases of construction. We will be converting our HVAC system during the construction and adding multiple technology enhancements. Parking will be minimally affected during construction. Keep your eye out for photos featuring our Construction Abe mascot as he will be showcasing the construction in progress!


Phase 1: April – July

Areas affected: Program rooms, youth picture book area, adult bathrooms.

Upon completion: New lobby with Hot Picks and all audio-visual materials, renovated adult bathrooms, café with fireplace and vending, relocated teen section.


April 5, 2016 Update

Our start date is delayed by about a week, we’re still waiting on some permits to be approved. We’re hoping that the final approval process goes quickly and we can begin the week of April 11th. We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, we’ve been preparing for the noise of construction. While we are trying our best to minimize it (for example, do as much noisy work as possible before the library opens), there will be times when it’s louder than usual. If you are at the library during one of the noisier times, stop by the adult Information Services desk and grab a pair of complimentary earplugs!


March 31, 2016 Update

Our start date for construction is Wednesday April 6. The first phase of the project will affect the program rooms, the youth picture book area, and the adult bathrooms (one at a time). We expect Phase 1 to last from April through July. When it’s completed we will have a new lobby with Hot Picks and all audio visual materials, renovated adult bathrooms, a cafe with a fireplace and vending, and a relocated teen section. We will remain open during Phase 1, and you will see partitions walling off the construction areas.

While we are doing everything we can to minimize the noise and disruption, there may be times when it is noisy or dusty. We’ll have clear signage so that you know where the construction is happening, and we will post regular updates to this blog. You will see a few dumpsters in our parking lot, but other than that your parking shouldn’t be affected during Phase 1.

Take a look at this flyer for more information about the project: Construction Flyer (PDF)


Introduction to the Project

We are renovating our library in 2016, and the improvements will abe with signmeet increasing demand for functional, dynamic, innovative and collaborative spaces, while allowing for major planned improvements such as a new roof and updated HVAC.

We will phase the project to remain open during construction, and access will be maintained to the library’s most popular items.

Sections of the library, including the program rooms, will be closed off during the renovation. Once construction begins, we will host programs at alternative locations. The library has partnered with Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation to house several of our book clubs and popular children’s storytime programs at the Community Center. We are also working with area businesses to continue special events around town. Look for the programs labeled OFFSITE in EVENTS on our website, or in the LIBRARY newsletter to note the special locations.

The library has been preparing by saving funds for this improvements project, and does not plan to levy any special taxes to fund the renovation. At the conclusion of this process, we will have a library that can satisfy the growing demand for access to resources, educational programs, improved technology infrastructure, and a space for everyone in our community to gather and learn.


Renovation Highlights

• New roof and HVAC for energy efficiency

• Consolidated staff areas for more public space

• Collaborative study and meeting spaces

• Coffeehouse-style area with vending

• Flexible program spaces

• Improved, energy efficient lighting

• Comfortable new seating

• Better access to popular materials

• Improved technology infrastructure