Brainfuse HelpNow Update

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Back in October, we told you about the Brainfuse HelpNow app that students can use to get help with their homework. Earlier this month, Brainfuse redesigned the iOS version of the app and added a new feature called Snap-n-Send. (It sounds a little bit like SnapChat, but it’s not the same thing at all!) If you’re using the HelpNow website for a live tutoring session and your tutor asks to see your work, you can use your mobile device to take a picture and submit it via the app.

Terminology updates in the new version of the iOS app are that the former Question Center and Inbox have been combined to form the Message Center, and Tasks are now contained in the Task Tracker. As for aesthetics, Brainfuse designers changed the app’s background from black to white, and replaced multicolored text and icons with blue for a minimalist look. The app retains its other great features (covered here) to help students with studying, so give it a try in time for finals next month! Download the iOS app for free from the iTunes store.

brainfuse ipad screenshot

The updated Brainfuse HelpNow app for iOS uses blue icons on a white background for a streamlined look.