What Do I Read Next?

We want to help you find your next great book! If you can’t come to the library to talk to one of our helpful librarians, try one of the recommended resources below for ideas and inspiration.

New! Book Bundles

Lincolnwood residents may request Book Bundles curated by Librarians. We’ll select books based on your interests and preferences, and put them on hold for you. It may take a few days to get all items ready for you, but we will notify you once everything is ready.

Please click here for youth Book Bundles

Please click here for adult Book Bundles

You may pick up the items via curbside pick-up after receiving notification that your holds are ready. For more information about curbside pick-up, please click here.

Questions? Please contact (224) 233-1843 for Youth materials or (224) 233-1841 for Adult materials.

Helpful Online Resources

  • NoveList
    Find reviews, reading lists and much more. A premium resource provided by the library for our patrons.
  • Goodreads
    Goodreads is the largest social network for readers. Members provide ratings and reviews of books to express their personal opinions and to help others determine if they would enjoy a book.
  • NextReads
    Choose your favorite topics, enter your email address, and get book recommendations delivered straight to your inbox.

Literary Awards

  • Audie Awards
    Distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment.
  • Stonewall Book Award
    Works of exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience.
  • Edgar Awards
    The best in mystery fiction, nonfiction, and television.
  • Hugo Awards
    Excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy.
  • RITA Awards
    Outstanding published romance novels and novellas.
  • Nebula Awards
    Best science fiction and fantasy published in the U.S.

Book News

  • Fantastic Fiction
    The best site for series information and soon-to-be released books.
  • Book Riot
    A website for book lovers with articles, podcasts, videos, and blogs.
  • The Millions
    Book reviews, news, and lists for literary fiction fans.
  • Library Reads
    The top ten books published each month that librarians across the country love.

Genre Suggestions

  • Historical Novels
    Over 5,000 historical novels, listed by time and place, including more than 600 reviews.
  • All About Romance
    Timely reviews of romance novels, including sub-genres like paranormal and inspirational.
  • SFFWorld
    The best of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.