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AnnicaAbout Me

I can trace my reading preferences to three reading experiences in my youth:

      1. My mother reading Tom Sawyer to me when I was eight. The story was exotic and totally captivating to a child living in rather ordinary circumstances in cold, egalitarian Sweden. Since then I have always been drawn to literature set in far-away places, and stories that combine memorable characters, suspense, and humor.
      2. Reading all of Agatha Christie’s books a few years later as my friend and I found them in the attic of an old summer house. I always keep my eyes open for good reviews of new mysteries.
      3. Falling in love with British literature in my later teens (trying to keep up with an older sister who was studying Brit lit at the university). I’m still very partial to British authors, some of my favorites are: Julian Barnes, William Boyd, Ian McEwan, Kate Atkinson. Penelope Lively, Sarah Waters, and Jeanette Winterson.

My Tastes:

  • Multicultural fiction including immigrant stories
  • Mysteries with an international setting
  • Literary fiction
  • Short stories
  • Memoirs
  • Nonfiction (occasionally)

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