Book Bundles

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When preschoolers look for books at the library, they usually aren’t looking for specific titles like older kids would. They just want books about their favorite topic of the week, be it getting dirty, things that go, or summertime. But the picture book section can be a little daunting for a three-year-old, and searching for the perfect title on a topic is time-consuming for grown-ups.

Our youth librarians have taken the guesswork out of this process by pre-selecting our favorites for you and making them available as gift-wrapped Book Bundles. A Book Bundle is a stack of three to six books on a specific topic—anything from dogs and cats to the first day of school. Some of the bundles, such as multicultural books or books about how hard bedtime can be, might be conversation-starters; others are surefire laugh-out-loud selections. (There’s even a bit of potty humor!)

Book Bundles are located near the I Can Read books in the picture book section, as well as near the toddler books. Can’t find them? Ask a librarian! We have plenty of bundles ready to go, and if we don’t have a bundle on the topic you want, we’ll create it just for you.