Lincolnwood Library’s Statement on the Rise in Worldwide Antisemitism

On January 15, 2022, we all witnessed yet another disturbing and violent act of terror and aggression, this time directed at members of a Jewish synagogue in Colleyville, TX. As with all forms of aggression, oppression, intolerance, and ignorance, Lincolnwood Library speaks out against any acts of hate. We stand in solidarity with our Jewish communities here in Lincolnwood and across the globe. Once again we offer you resources to help you and your families understand this type of injustice, and work toward making an inclusive and safe world for all people to live in peace and harmony with each other.

Hate has no home in Lincolnwood.

Resources at the Library

Additional Recommended Resources:

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Learning For Justice

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Facing History and Ourselves

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American Jewish Libraries

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(Event) “Houston Coalition Against Hate – Bystander Intervention to Stop Hate-based Harassment” | Hollaback!

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