After School at the Library

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We have put forth much effort to improve our services to the community, and we think it is wonderful that so many students are interested in visiting the library. Last school year, we implemented a new level of engagement with our after school kids and asked parents/guardians to work with us toward our goal of a peaceful, inclusive library atmosphere after school. It was incredibly successful, and we are thankful to those of you who worked with us for a wonderful school year.

The Library is available for children (age 8+) to visit independently after school to do homework, read books, use a computer, or quietly socialize with friends; however, we do not provide formal after school care. We welcome the crowds of students who visit us after school, but we expect them to behave appropriately, which means being able to talk in a quiet tone of voice, not be physically aggressive, and listen and respond to library staff. If a child is not able to follow these expectations, we may ask the child to leave for the day.

Thanks again, Lincolnwood families. If you have any questions please visit us, or call Youth & Teen Services directly at (224) 233-1843. We look forward to this school year!


Thank you for partnering with the library to help keep a peaceful atmosphere and ensure your child’s safety! We don’t have a lot of rules, but the ones we do have are important. Please take a moment to review these expectations with your child, and please call us or stop in if you have any questions or concerns.

A Mostly Quiet Library

The library isn’t silent all the time, but because we have such a big after school crowd, we need to keep our voices down to a whisper. Use headphones when listening to something on a device, even with friends who are listening too. Keep conversations G-rated as there are often small children around. If you want to use an indoor voice, head to Study & Stuff Club!

A Clean Library

We expect everyone to keep the library neat and clean, so please pick up after yourself if a mess happens. Vending machine food and snacks may be enjoyed in the cafe only. Drinks with lids may be enjoyed in the library away from computer tables. Restaurant food is not allowed in the library. Remember that the library is a public place. Because the library can’t be responsible for items that are lost or stolen, please keep track of your belongings.

A Respectful Library

Always treat others the way you would like to be treated. Bullying or being disrespectful to others will not be tolerated. If a librarian asks you to change your behavior, it’s probably for a good reason. Please listen to them respectfully.

A Peaceful Library

The library is not the place for physical contact or roughhousing with your friends. There are lots of parks in Lincolnwood for active play. Please keep butts in seats and feet on the floor to help keep our furniture looking new.­

A Public Libra­­­ry

We want to provide a safe, welcoming environment for everyone after school, not just our students. Please remember that others use the library, and please be respectful of behavior. Know when the library closes, and be sure that your child is picked up on time. If there are unattended children under the age of 14 after closing, librarians may call the friendly Lincolnwood police to make sure they get home safely.
Closing times are:        9pm Monday–Thursday                  6pm Friday               5pm Saturday & Sunday