21st Century Yellow Pages

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By now, you know that the library offers mobile apps to resident cardholders, but we want to make sure you know exactly what each app has to offer! Up next is a treasure trove of commercial and residential information for the business community.

Imagine combining all the information in your old-fashioned Yellow Pages and White Pages directories, and removing the advertisements and take-out menus. Imagine that the listings are fully searchable and augmented with details like company sales volume and competitors. Then imagine condensing that information until it’s as portable as your tablet. That’s the power of the ReferenceUSA mobile app.

The app’s Business Search includes 24 million U.S. businesses. Looking for residents, instead? Use Consumer Search for publicly sourced telephone and address listings. The app takes full advantage of your mobile device’s GPS technology, displaying directory results on a map and giving you the option of viewing them alphabetically or by proximity.

ReferenceUSA has the data you need to dive into market research, plan a direct mail campaign, or simply reconnect with old friends, and its app lets you access it anywhere.

ReferenceUSA app screenshot




(Unlike the other mobile apps associated with library resources, ReferenceUSA is only available for the iPad. Download it from iTunes.)