Council of Awesome T[w]eens

Lincolnwood Public Library Council of Awesome T[w]eensRegistration information for CAT for the term will be available in the Library’s newsletter and you can sign up online here. You must also complete a paper application – download it here.

Applicants for the CAT volunteer program must be Lincolnwood residents in grade six or above. Members (or, CATs) are expected to attend meetings as active participants and must notify the CAT librarian before any missed meetings. The CAT uses Remind to communicate and members are required to check for communication at least once a week.

CATs can also sign up to stop by the library after school on Mondays through Thursdays to complete an hour of library-related work in addition to monthly meetings on the third Thursdays of each month.

CAT Officers:
President Emily, librarian
Vice-Presidents Josip & Dev, 8th grade
Glorious Secretary Christian, 8th grade
Public Relations, Margaret, 8th grade

2017-18 School Year Meeting Notes

September 2017

  • – Extensive discussion on planning a murder mystery program. CATs would like to plan this program for 4th-8th grade and use as much of the physical library space as possible.
  • – Additional discussion about a YouTube channel for the library with videos made by CAT.

October 2017

  • – CATs planned two gaming tournaments over school vacations – one over Thanksgiving Break (for 5th-12th grade) and one over Winter Break (for 5th-12th grade). Budget was allocated for prizes and snacks for each tournament. CATs will be responsible for all promotion and advertisement of these events.
  • – Decision was made to purchase a pre-made Murder Mystery Kit so that we don’t have to start from scratch.

November 2017

  • – As of meeting date, the Smash Bros. Thanksgiving tournament had 29 people registered (of possible 30) and promotions were going well.
  • – The CATs did some data testing for the library in preparation for the library migration to Polaris that will occur in April. They were excited to learn about the new changes coming to the library and found some bugs in the new system.

December 2017

  • – Lots of discussion about the planned January video game tournament. Ultimate decision was to rebrand the tournament and allocate major funding/promotion to a spring tournament on a school half-day. The January tournament will focus mostly on open play, snacks, and fun – but will have a small tournament as well (Mario Kart).
  • – CATs asked if the library would consider lowering the age restriction for using the library’s Digital Media Lab. Emily will bring this up to library management; CATs may need to work on a formal proposal to give to the library’s management team.
  • – Several CATs began a draft schedule of filming topics and days for the YouTube channel (Library Inside Edition).
  • – Murder Mystery update: the purchased kit has arrived and CAT President Emily will run it for CATs to learn and then adapt. Date TBD.
  • – CATs requested that meeting summaries/notes be posted on this webpage and that Emily do a better job of updating this webpage.
  • – Lastly, several CATs asked for formal training on working at the library and providing basic customer service (that many of them already provide) to help out librarians.

January 2018

  • Meeting cancelled due to everyone having too much work.
  • Several CAT members attended the 1/22 Library Board meeting!

February 2018

  • Meeting 2/15/18.
  • Agenda
    • strategic planning discussion
    • schedule training sessions
    • DML update
    • murder mystery planning & issues therein