The library seeks to enhance the quality of life in Lincolnwood by creating and sustaining a sense of place for residents; bringing the community together in order to celebrate its diversity; offering individuals a welcoming gateway to knowledge and discovery; and fulfilling residents’ desire for cultural and recreational activities.


The Lincolnwood Public Library District will be a modern, thriving, essential part of the Lincolnwood community.

About Us

The Lincolnwood Public Library District has one location at 4000 W Pratt Ave, Lincolnwood IL 60712. There are 13 full time employees and 27 part time employees.

July 2019 – June 2021 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a way to set the direction and establish priorities for our library. It defines the library’s view of success and prioritize the activities that will make that view our reality. The plan helps us understand what we should be working on, and in what order. The primary reason behind undertaking strategic planning is to understand the needs of the community and identify ways to increase usage of the library by Lincolnwood residents.

We are in the process of creating a new strategic plan, and Lincolnwood residents are invited to participate in January 2018 through in-person “community conversations” and paper and online surveys.

Core Values

Core values define the culture and character of the library, and guide how staff behave and make decisions. The Lincolnwood Public Library District values:

  • Friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable customer service
  • Initiatives that look to the future and improve the library for the community
  • Staff interactions that are respectful, open-minded, and team-oriented
  • A welcoming environment for all members of the community
  • Support of intellectual freedom
  • Protection of privacy of its patrons